Pre-Acquisition Surveys

Roc Associates provides its clients with comprehensive pre-acquisition surveys which identify all need-to-know issues in relation to buildings or properties, enabling our clients to make informed investment decisions prior to their purchase.

We prepare our reports with diligence, taking a methodical approach to identifying existing defects from the ground up. We will also review a building’s general characteristics, with particular regard to compliance with statutory regulations; for example fire safety, disability discrimination, building regulations and planning. To facilitate its pre-acquisition surveys, Roc Associates is able to undertake or commission any specialist assessments, including fire risk assessments, deleterious and hazardous materials investigations, energy efficiency reports and infrastructural investigations into gas, electricity, water and telecommunications supplies as necessary. We are also able to draw on our depth of experience to advise astutely on issues that may not presently exist but which are likely to arise.

All of Roc Associates’ findings are incorporated into a comprehensive document describing not only the current condition of a building but also necessary and potential areas of financial liability, together with itemised budgetary breakdowns of all capital expenditure necessary as well as recoverable costs. Our financial appraisals take into account all conditions existing within current lease agreements by which our client would be bound, allowing our clients to understand the full implications of their potential acquisition and to act accordingly.

Whilst each of our pre-acquisition surveys is tailored to the individual client, the product offered by Roc Associates is always the same:  comprehensive, clearly presented, actionable advice which will allow you to make strategic decisions on your investment with absolute confidence. For further information on how we can help you prior to your purchase, please contact us.