Licence to Alter

Roc Associates works on behalf of Landlords and Tenants to ensure works undertaken on leasehold properties are properly planned and executed at all stages of the process. Our broad experience and clear minded approach offers peace of mind for all parties involved in these sometimes complex situations.

For landlords, we consider the feasibility of works proposed by the tenant in the context of a number of influencing factors; for example, the integrity of design plans and specifications, compliance with statutory obligations and the terms of the existing lease. Our considerations may involve detailed site inspections, and in cases where applications require further specialist investigation, we are well resourced either to undertake or commission them. We offer clear and precise statements of liability to tenants on behalf of the landlord; we will also advise the landlord of their obligations and duties in respect of the tenant’s application, and where consent to alter is granted, we will prepare the documentation and liaise with the tenant’s representatives to secure final agreement. We will also undertake dilapidation surveys on behalf of the landlord should this be required at the end of their tenant’s lease.

For tenants we offer a full range of services from preliminary appraisal of whether Licence to Alter is required, to preparation and service of application to alter, and on through to the assembly and co-ordination of professional teams to execute the works if required.

Please contact us for further information and one of the team would be pleased to help.